Programming with Python. Part 5. From Windows to Linux
eJournal ISSN 2567-6466
Gerd Doeben-Henisch
October 20, 2017

In the parts 1-4 it has been explored how it is possible to program under Windows 10  in python a small test project within an  actor-anvironment framework. It worked.

In part 5 it will be tested, whether and how one can transfer the sources from part 4 to the platform ubuntu 14.04.

After some searching of different options it revealed to be very straightforward: open a linux console and enter the command:

sudo apt-get install spyder3

This installs the same spyder version as for Windows 10 including python 3.4.3 with all the libraries, including numpy. The only thing one has to do manually is to download again the module from John Zelle (you can find it with google-search for a direct download).

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